Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility plays a fundamental role in the evolution of the worldwide business community towards global sustainability. As companies we need to make sure that the impacts of our activities are positive for both society and the environment. And we must do so through ethical and transparent conduct contributing to everyone’s well-being. In today’s context of change and global competition, we believe in the innovative company as an effective and necessary instrument for progressing towards a society of sustainability. Sasakura Middle East Company upholds a genuine, unwavering commitment to the sustainability of the social, natural and economic environment.

The socioeconomic benefits of producing affordable desalinated potable water in an environmentally responsible manner aligns with our business model both with the present and the future. The company recognizes that taking a leadership position on social and environmental issues is essential for creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and doing business in both the regional and international arena.

Sasakura Middle East Company approach to CSR is to follow international best practice and develop the program customized to address issues which are significant and relevant to the business and the stakeholders.

Sasakura Middle East Company material issues cover the full triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities, so that Sasakura Middle East Company considers people, planet and prosperity in everything it does.



The current global growth model is compromising the physical limits of our planet. Depletion of natural resources, the rise in the demand for energy and changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere are causing major environmental instability and putting the development of future generations at risk.

Given this context, there is an apparent need to both introduce processes for lowering massive use of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources and develop new technologies to promote efficient resource management and the use of clean energy sources and also lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In recent years the company has conformed to international standards and expectations by:

  • Undertaking environmental and social impact assessments.
  • Integrating the recommendations of these into our design specifications.


We conduct our business sustainably through our products and processes. Sasakura Middle East Company has been committed to developing business relationships that last. Building on its experience, expertise and dedication, Sasakura Middle East Company today is a renowned name in the production of desalinated potable water in Saudi Arabia. Sustainability is integral to Sasakura Middle East Company business values and finds expression in its commitment to enhance the triple bottom line benchmarks of economic, environmental and social performance. There are four key strands to doing this: Health, Safety and Environmental Performance; Efficient Technology; Community Initiatives; and CSR projects and achievements. green-community

People and the Community

At Sasakura Middle East Company we embrace joint, ongoing evolution of the company and society by undertaking and driving forward initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of the communities where we operate. To achieve this relationship, Sasakura Middle East Company focuses efforts fundamentally on:

  • Social development
  • Cultural development, education and research
  • Employee welfare action

As a Saudi company with a portfolio of assets based in Saudi Arabia, our future is intrinsically linked with the socioeconomic development of Saudi Arabia. It is Sasakura Middle East Company belief that the anchor for sustainable growth of the economy and the wellbeing of the society is the nurturing and development of our greatest resource, our people. We demonstrate this commitment by hiring Saudi citizens wherever possible, and are proud to have introduced the human resource development programs, including advanced research, development and technical training.

The company has been investing a significant budget in meaningful corporate social responsibility projects and initiatives and continues to invest in corporate social responsibility initiatives.


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