Rabigh Plant



Owner: Saline Water Conversion Corporation

Location: Al-Wajh, Ummlujj, Rabigh, Al-Lith, Qunfuda, Farasan.

Duration: February 2006 to November 2009

Contract Value: 874 Million Saudi Riyals

Scope of Work:

Engineering, Material and Equipment Procurement, Fabrication, Erection and Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all equipment and structures in terms of Turn-key contract. To construct desalination plants at six different locations at the same time in Al-Wajh, Ummlujj, Al-Lith, Qunfuda and Farasan, these plants would supply additional 9,000 cubic meters of potable water each daily, except the new Rabigh plant would supply 18,000 cubic meters of potable water daily.

  • Sea Water Intake System.
  • 2 x 9,000 m3/day MED Units and its accessories.
  • 4 Boilers and its accessories.
  • Product Water Potablization System.
  • Product Water Surge Protection & Transfer System.
  • Product Water Tanks (2 x 9,000)m3.
  • Diesel Tanks (2 x 1,500)m3 Equipped with Deluge Fire Protection System.
  • Electrical Transformers and Switchgears Equipped with Deluge Fire Protection System, Fire Alarm & Smoke
  • Detectors.
  • DCS and Instrument Air System.
  • In-Plant Communication System.
  • Construction of Buildings for Offices, Control Rooms, Stores & Workshops.
  • Fire Fighting system.
  • Blowdown Piping System.
  • Tie-In with existing Central Control Room.