SEC Rabigh Desal Rehabilitation Project



Owner: Saudi Electric Company
Location: Rabigh
Duration: December 2009 to July 2010
Contract Value: 18.5 Million Saudi Riyals

Scope of Work:

Rehabilitation of Two (2) MSF Desalination Units (1 & 2) at RABIGH Power Plant SEC. Unit capacity 4,350M³/Day.

  • Engineering and Design: Anti Scale Injection System, Ball Cleaning System, Corrosion Monitoring System, Slope from roof plates to eliminate accumulation of water and install drain system.
  • Materials / Equipment (as per the contract)
  • Installation: Installation of Thermal Insulation, Cladding Materials, Steel Plates, Angular bars, Steel Structures, Stage partition Plates, Sight Glasses, Flange, SS 316 L brine blow down lines, Drain Pipes & funnels, inlet and outlet pipes to ejector condenser for Rehabilitation of Desalination Plant No. 1 & 2. Replacement of 1100 Tubes for Stage I and II. Installation of Housing /Shades for field instruments, Junction Boxes, Instrument Piping, Isolating Valves, Power and Signal Cables and Conduits. Installation of Corrosion monitoring System, Ball Cleaning System and Anti-Scale Injection System.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Testing & commissioning of Desalination Plant No. 1 & 2 (including Ball Cleaning System, Anti Scale Injection system, Corrosion Monitoring system) with an output capacity of 4,350 cubic meter per day (each unit) and quality of water as per AWWA standards.
  • Operational Spare Parts (as per the contract)
  • Special Tools and Test Equipment (as per the contract)
  • Training of Company Personnel: On job training of Operation & Maintenance personnel of SEC by Sasakura Middle East Company Specialists for the duration of four weeks.